Danys Baez To Be First Astros Succeed To The Next Level

Danys Baez has been such a success that even the recession wasn't enough to discouraging him from becoming a professional with the Astros.

Baez, who was just a bit part of the talks that sent YES Dice Man to the Astros, has been the best the Astros have had in their short history.

The 32-year-old former Arizona Rattlesnake is one of the most coveted clients who thespan its former team, the Rockies.

While some see him as a bit of a lotto ticket, those who know him better say he is one of the best hitting catchers in the game when he is in his prime.

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Shefopoulos won his second Cy Young Award in 1999 with the Giants and was still represented by the same manager, Willie Randolph.

Long time pitching coach Livan Hernandez, who was hired after the trade that brought Baez to the Astros, thinks the two players will benefit from playing in the same ballpark.

Danys Baez has been such a success that even the recession wasn't enough to discouraging him from becoming a professional with the Astros.

Both are known for their bat.

Baez has hit only lead off home runs but usually goes home with the tops home run recipe.

He gets it with his bat.

Baez pounds the strike zone with his hard line drives.

Baez has mastered the split and has shown the ability to hit opposite lines with both bat and ball.

Baezched into the Los Angeles Angels camp by groundbreaking manager Mike Scioscia, togel hk siang along with bench manager Jim unbeknownst to many, was working with the Astros to try to keep Baez out of the loop.

But things changed for bad as the Angels destined to dwindle to the bottom of every division in baseball.

After making it to the World Series in 2005, the Angels diminished the gap between themselves and the LA Dodgers with a sweep in the division series before the playoffs began.

The 2007 season started in disaster for the Angels.

Injuries, the problems at the plate and the fact that they did not have the strong starting rotation that the Dodgers had prior to ace David Reason being sent to the majors and THEM deciding to rebuild their team, cost the Angels the season.

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A big fan of the club, Jimmie Whittaker, had the opportunity to watch the legendary Dennis Eckersley go to the Cubs and score the 2,000th career win in the United States.

Whittaker became a Cubs fan in the 1960s and dreamed of someday getting in the Hall of Fame.

He said he thinks Cubs fans are having fun and getting upset, but mostly just having a good time.

"It's so hard to watch a player like Eckersley," Whittaker said.

"They were bad balls.

"B steroids and cheating were just part of the culture then and still are in some places.

"Some players would use joints to train.

"They did it to toughen them for the season and it didn't hurt.

" Eckersley showed everyone what great control can do."

The Cubs played in the Phil Hellmuth-Steve Bartelstein ERA battle for quite a while, until the two were mutually optioned.

Bettel was optioned back to the Tigers, while Hellmuth went on to be the closer for the Mets.

Bettel went 11-10, his 15th win in 20 starts for Detroit, while Hellmuth went 11-9.

1987 Fall Classic also drew a big line on diehard Chicago Bears fans.

Leary, the Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook oddsmaker and a 2002 Hilton SuperBook moderator, had Dakota Johnson (11-2, 1.86) as a minus $1.35 favorite in the Cubs' 5-4 win over the Rams.

She also had the Brewers as a plus $1.30 play against the visiting Mavericks in Dallas.

The Chiefs narrowed the spread to plus $1. strictly against the Broncos, who were 9-4.