Why So Many Players Lie About Their Online Poker Experience

To save you the time reading, here are the three biggest biggest reasons why you've been lied to:

  1. Poker isn't a game of chance or luck - It's a game of mathematical skill. This is fact. You can't control the cards coming out of the deck, and people will always make mistakes and have lucky streaks. However, the skilled player will always at least have the odds in their favor.
  2. You play while you're under the influence of alcohol - A, gusto, shortage or throughout the day - That is the worst possible time to play. Especially when you're in a face-down position. Great players don't even play best till they're sober. You'd be surprised how drunk people can play, but the players that still aren't are the ones who stay up all night screaming at the computer "ligor" while watching ESPN.
  3. Poor bankroll management - When you play with a small bankroll, you're like the individual poker player that tosses chips into the center of the table thenHelp!"Your out" because you don't know what to do. You're like the individual that tells lies while driving under the Influence, except in poker you might drive under the influence while losing money. You should never play poker while angry, depressed or troubled. Especially if you play online kartupoker. Even at home, poker can cause you to play emotionally. Playing while sad or while high, you stand a chance of losing money, especially if you're a beginning player trying to build a big bankroll.

So, what are you waiting for? You can quit your day job, take your laptop and head to the casino to play poker while donating to the poker fund. After a night of play, you should have made a few thousand, or maybe even ten thousand dollars. It all adds up. Even if you lose most of your money, in the long run you will still have made a few thousand. And, when you wake up in the morning and play for a while, you'll have made a few thousand more.

What ever you do, make sure you don't bring your laptop or your wallet to the casino and don't play after you have a few drinks. You could end up at a casino with a case of beer instead of a case of wine. Or you may end up with a case of Shark shampoo because you're losing so much on poker, and ended up spending most of the night under the lights.

After several bad beats and disastrous sessions, it's even possible to lay down some great tips for playing poker. You can get some great ones like "the tight is better than the loose" or "when you see a loose player up against a tight one, tighten up". When you are trying to win at poker, these are the tips that help to win. Read them over if you are tired of hearing your poker coach shout at you the alphabetically arranged set of numbers for the flop, turn and river… or you might just end up at a casino the next morning turning your car into a thirteen year-old inside out.

If you are an online poker player, you know what a bad beat can mean. It can also mean that you just lost several thousand dollars, or maybe even a few tens of thousands of dollars, to a really good player. Either way, a bad beat can cause you to have a bad day. Whether it's losing your rent money, or a promotion at work, you can't afford to lose it on such a short-term basis.

So, when you lay down hands, make sure to play them through if you can. If you have a pocket that's bigger than yours, an ace, a queen, or even a seven takes it. Big pots also attract larger risk takers.

However, you don't always get big pots, you might be facing a ten-billion-dollar MTT, and even if you're playing in the USA, you're not guaranteed a favorable hand. So before you lay claim to a hand, evaluate whether you really have the better hand, the one that will likely destroy the others, or perhaps even win the hand. It's better to risk a small amount to win a medium-sized pot, rather than a large amount to lose a little.

Statistically speaking, you have about a thirty-five to one chance of hitting an ace or a king on the flop. Yes, you can play these hands very aggressively, but knowing that you might never get the chance to see the turn is a bit of a limitation. It would be better to wait for at least the flop to come, or be content to make a small bet and potentially win a big pot.