Holdem Tactics - Are You tapping Your Money Potential?

It's easy to see money spinning in the air. Half of us want to take it, and the other half are thinking about how we are going to get that money spinning fast to the person who's holding the bigger piece of gold. We all know that there are 1982 players in this tournament who have a little bit of what we need, if we just take a little bit of time, but how are we going to get it together fast enough when we have these blind stacks to dole out? Are we tapping our money potential?

You need to take a step back, and ask yourself what you can do to make your pocket change turn into cold hard cash. depo 20k bonus 30k You are the only one who can answer that question because you alone possess the determination and desire to do it. You alone possess the drive to make it happen.

Many people think that the simplest strategy to win is to just play the same numbers over and over. Some even play 50 different numbers during one session. It's nothing new, either. It doesn't increase your odds of winning one bit. If you're better at math or sports then you know that's justgling your chances by 52. Those other 52 cards aren't going to help you either.

The fact is, you can increase your odds of winning by making a few simple adjustments to your play. The most common of these adjustments is moving your point spread bets across more than one number. Instead of betting on five different numbers five different times, you may want to bet on eight, twelve, fifteen, or even twenty numbers in a single game.

A wise man once said to me, "You have to increase your play stops, but you don't want to increase your odds of winning too much because that's a recipe for disaster." Ideally, you want to increase your odds by no more than two or three percent, but in the case you're at the casino, you don't want to risk losing $1,000 in a single hand--it's just not logical to bet $400 on four separate hands.

The biggest mistake many players make is they get all excited about hitting a big hand and they suddenly shift betting from tight to aggressive, or they suddenly play all tight because they're excited. What this means is they come into the pot with $400 behind, but they still bet aggressively.

A shrewd poker player will watch for these kinds of occurrences and cash in big time. What you want to do is to still play aggressive, but at least at this time take some of your winnings and minus out the initial amount you deposited. Take $600 and putting $50 in the middle, and leave $400 there.

Now, this is the most important poker strategy for your entire poker career. No matter how long you have been playing, whether you are just learning or are an established veteran, you should follow this one rule---render your poker bankroll once you've won your money.

You see, the number one reason people fail to win is because they are trying to take it too quickly. They raise with every hand loss and are resilience level 10 when playing online. Whereas, if you take your time and play tight, you can come out on the winning end with very little or no risk.

To many new players, this is backwards thinking. Why would you want to increase your odds by playing more? They don't often have the right answer, which is the exact reason you're here reading this article. You can't increase your odds without some sort of tangible advantage.

Before you go on to learn more Holdem tactics, think about the last time you made money with your poker hand. Was it when you bought into a tournament with 50 big blinds or less? It's the last time you felt happy about it because you made a good play and you took a little bit of risk for that. Write that down. Now think about the last time you made money. Was it when you doubled up a bit in a ring game? It's the last time you felt alive and relaxed because you took a bit of a risk for a big win.

If you haven't taken a risk in a long time, you aren't in the correct mental mindset to win. If you've been playing for a while and you really feel like you want to win, approach the game with the correct mental mindset. That's what we want. We want to believe we can win. Remember, the only person who can make you believe is yourself.