Poker Strategy and Psychology - Pocket Aces

Even after all the amateurs and professionals have dropped out of the poker arena, Texas Holdem is still the scene of many poker miracles. It is a game so flush with opportunity that even newbies can't help but dream of becoming a poker pro. Naturally, in this game you cannot afford to be naive and get crushed by small pairs or weak aces.

It is somewhat unbelievable but not entirely unbelievable that in the latter stages of a major tournament some players can get aces as their hole cards. On top of that, you also have to be one of the few players who can actually get those aces cracked!

What are the odds against you getting aces in the pocket?

The odds against you getting pocket aces are approximately.1-in-8.4-million. These odds might not sound like much, but if you want to win a poker tournament and win it big, you'd better be prepared to win with pocket aces.

However, you don't always get those aces. Many times you'll still get quite a few players in the pot who have made a pair of queens or kings and want to see the flop with top pair. The odds against them getting the pair they want is about.75-in-175-million. While it may not guarantee your demise, it will help you to stay in the game.

Imagine what it would be like to get those aces and crack the remaining poker players' pair of queens or kings. Some times they get turned over and you stay in the game to "games" and "make a couple of fishes" of yours. While poker is a game of winners, a little luck doesn't hurt.

If the flop for instance is landing all kinds of nice looking cards like two, four or even nine, aggressively raise the action to put pressure on your opponents. Chances are, you might get a little help on your way. The worst thing you can do is letting these fish see a flop for free. They might get "scared money", go all in with a weak hand and lose the free chips they've acquired.

Even if they do, you stay on the offensive. Make them pay for their draws. Raise them, lower the stakes. When they fear you, they'll tend to fold. The result: you win the blinds and antes, and maybe a small pot. When they fold, you stay on the offensive.

Be like this during the middle rounds. Don't worry about the money. No one is going to steal your riches. Rather, make sure that you're winning the tournament itself, not merely the money. While it's true that your rank does not matter in this game, since anyone can win virtual chips, you still have to get to the top of the Dewavegas.

So, when you're at the point where only you can survive, play aggressively. Outs yourself to win the tournament in the long-shot. Don't play so tight that you're forcing your opponents to make a mistake. As soon as you'vePrime yourself, go all-in!

Next time you're in the middle rounds, pushing your chips on the table, feel good about being in the lead. But don't think that you'll be able to keep up this way forever. Eventually, you'll lose. When you do,.